Method for avoiding error ORABPEL-100010 in design time

Error ORABPEL-100010 occures in design time when user add any user defined xml schema in order to define any element. Seems this design time bug was not fixed since

A handy method was found recently to avoid the above error.

Step 1: Add the user defined xsd file in the following catalog to access it through application server %BPEL_HOME%/bpel/system/xmllib

step 2: import the xsd file in any wsdl file of the project as follows
<import namespace="http://xxx.com/xxx" location="http://your_localhost:8888/orabpel/xmllib/XXXX.xsd"/>

step 3: add the following namespace in your *.bpel process file


Use command line tool to compile the project.
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