"The Apache Ignite Book" distribution channels

From this year we have added a few more channels for distributing our book "The Apache Ignite book", which is considered as one of...


HighLoad++ conference 2015

UP1: Much more about high performance compution should be found in this book.

This year i was invited to HighLoad++ conference in Moscow as a speaker. My session was in 2nd November in hall number 1, you can check the summary of my presentation here. I have very enjoyed my session, there are a lot of specialists came from the different sector and I was pleased to answer their questions. Even I continue my talk with participants after my session. Here you can find my full presentation in slide share. Certainly, i also listen to a few talks and I have to mention some of them.
Session from company 2 sigma and Alibaba was very interesting. Company 2 sigma describe how they uses and managed their cluster using apache Mesos. Also 2 days non stop sessions from PostgresSQL, a lot of informations for developer and DBA. I have also learn a few new thing such as "competition" base machine learning which are using Avito. Also company Hawq introduce their new SQL engine for Hadoop, it's a alternative for SparkSQL. At last many thanks to organiser for such a great conference. Here is my presentation in embedded view.

You can find other important staff to improve performance from the book