"The Apache Ignite Book" distribution channels

From this year we have added a few more channels for distributing our book "The Apache Ignite book", which is considered as one of...


The Apache Ignite book

After a year, we have decided to write down another book related to the Apache Ignite distributed database. Within a year, Apache Ignite team redesigned the memory architecture and released a few new versions which cover new features such as Native persistence, baseline topology. Apache Ignite also optimized the performance of the SQL, added new features like Alter tables to DDL and also introduced SQLLINE command line tool for SQL based interaction. From this given release Apache Ignite team revisited the definition and purpose of the project. By their words, the definition "in-memory data fabrics/grids" limits its capabilities, rather than the distributed database, caching, and processing platform. So, in this book, we are going to cover the following topics:

  1. Apache Ignite architecture in details to build right solutions to given business problems.
  2. Use cases of using in-memory databases
  3. How Apache Ignite SQL works and how you can optimize the SQL engine to get better performance
  4. Developing applications with Spring Data/Hibernate OGM/MyBatis backed by Apache Ignite.
  5. How to use Apache Ignite compute grid as a low-latency software.
  6. Developing distributed microservice in fault-tolerant fashion.
  7. Processing continuously never-ending streaming data.
  8. Accelerate Big data ecosystem without changing any existing code.
  9. How to use Apache Ignite as a Cache as a Service to improve the performance of your applications. 

The target audience of this book will be IT architect, team leaders, a programmer with minimum programming knowledge.

No excessive knowledge is required, though it would be good to be familiar with JAVA and Spring framework. The book is also useful for any reader, who already familiar with Oracle Coherence, Hazelcast, Infinispan or Memcached. The release date of the book is not fixed yet, but we expect it in winter 2018.