Configure Ilog Jrules In Oracle Application Server

Last week we configured Ilog jrules version 6.7.2 in the OAS version
Ilog Jrules consist of three main web components as follows:
1)Rules execution server
2)Team server
3)Scenario manager
First we had to define the number of oc4j instance to create and fix all the data sources.
We created 1 extra oc4j instance for team server, create datasources and deploy the teamserver. One classloader problem occurred for commons-logging.jar. Just edit application.xml to unregistered shared library.
Next we defined another two data source for the BRES, SCM and deploy these application on home. IrlSessionRule session bean we also deployed in home along with BRES.

Next we have to define all the role and user on home instance and on the instance for the teamserver.
Just never forget to assign rmi role in the user bres.

Next our mission to use identity management for authorization and authentication.
We also plan to clustered all the oc4j instance to solve load balancing.
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