Apply dynamic routing on Oracle service bus

Last year on one of our project we applied oracle enteprise service (SOA suite to integrate with a few legacy system through IBM MQ. This year we have a plan to migrate this integration on OSB (Oracle service bus) previously known Aqua logic service bus from company BEA. Today i simplify one of our integration by using dynamic routing action.

Usecase: We have a few queue predefined on MQ manager to send messages for different purpose. Messages should route by according to their message content.

By using dynamic routing action and routing table we can easily publish messages to proper destination. The input xml file is as follows
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TaxDiclaration id="uuid:62fa5eac-3df4-448d-a576-916dd5b432f2">

by the content of the destination tag we will route entire message to his physical destination queue. Whole process is as follows:

1) Create three business service according to the destination of MQ.
2) Define the routing table xml as follows:

where logical name is the name of the service, which will get from the input xml file. Physical tag contain the qualified name of the business services.
3) Create a proxy service with file transport and configure it with proper system folder to receive file.
3.1) Add one pipeline node and two stage node on request pipeline.
3.2) Add one assign action to collect the file from the inbound transport.
3.3) On 2nd stage node, add one assign action and add the routing table xml to the Expression. Give the variable name as routingTable.
3.4) Add one more assign action which will define the destination content from the xml body as follows:
and give the variable name as like logicalDestination.
3.5)Add one more assign action with following xpath:

name the variable as physicalService.
3.6) Add a route node on the proxy and put a dynamic routing action on it.
3.7.) On expression properties put the following variable named $physicalService.
Now the service bus is ready for dynamic routing. For testing purpose just put some proper xml file with logical destination, service bus will apply dynamic routing according to the content of the entire xml.
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