Apache maven incremental build

Apache maven is one of the popular tool for building and managing java projects. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.
However when you have projects with multiple modules, it follows some issue when you compiling your project. One of them is incremental building, which means when you updates your project from the version control, you have to build the entire system by command mvn clean install. Consider the following maven project structure:
|_ _ test-api
|_ _ test-api-impl
|_ _ test-donothing
where module test-api-impl dependent on module test-api. Whenever we will make some change on module test-api, we have to recompile and build the module test-api-impl.
If we will enter the command mvn install module test-api-impl will not get the updated version from the module test-api. You have to run command mvn clean install which will rebuild the entire project. Sometime it's time consuming and just unnecessary. You can download the project from here and check your self.
Apache maven currently doesn't support for the incremental build even on version 3.0.3.
But there is a plugin called Maven-Incremental build plugin, which can build project incrementally.
Just add the following plugin in the root pom file and you are ready for go
Now you can run mvn install without goal clean and the project will detects the updated code and recompile modules if need.
UPD:- Note that, following page contains incorrect groupId on example "" which will not uploaded on central maven repository.
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